Asternic Call Center Stats

Asterisk Queue Log Analizer

Welcome to Asternic Call Center Stats

Asternic Call Center Stats is a package to analyze your Asterisk PBX queue_log files and display asterisk queue information in real time on a web page.

There are several reports with nice flash graphics and option to export to pdf and csv (Excel).


  • On the server:
    • Web server with php support.
    • Mysql database.
  • On the client:
    • A web browser with Javascript enabled
    • Flash plugin to display graphics

There are two versions, a free GPLv3 licenced and a commercial one

The commercial version includes several more reports, user levels and access, realtime parsing of queue_log, ability to listen to call recordings via streaming, etc. I can provide access to an online demo upon request.


Click to download Asternic Call Center Stats v1.0.1

How to Install

  1. Untar de file #> tar zxvf asternic-stats-1.0.tar.gz
  2. Change the working directory #> cd asternic-stats
  3. Copy /html to a suitable place on your web root
  4. Create a new database: #> mysqladmin create qstat
  5. Create the tables as in /sql/qstat.sql: #> mysql qstat < ./sql/qstat.sql
  6. Edit /html/config.php to set your db user and pass, you can also select the language.
  7. Edit /html/config_realtime.php to set the asterisk manager host, user and password
  8. Edit /parselog/config.php to set the location and name of the queue_log file and your db user and pass

Parsing Logs

This tool parses the queue_log file generated by your Asterisk PBX

CRON way:

To parse the log at periodic intervals via a cronjob:

Inside the /parselog directory you will find a script to do the job: ./parselog.php

If you dont have binftm_misc installed you might need to run 'php -q ./parselog.php'

If it works, add a cron script to run it periodically. Rotate logs if you want..

REALTIME parsing

Realtime parsing is only available in the commercial version.


Here are some screenshots, but you might better check out the online demo.